You’re special…Dear Louise Marie

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Dear Louise Marie,

When I saw this necklace, I thought of you! It’s you I think, I hope you like it:-)

I love your hair products Louise, it’s amazing, but I know I’ll never look at a new hair product line again, because of you and yours.Thanks for spending the whole day with me in your salon when I came up from USA.

I love my hair, I’m glad I found you, your cause is pure and natural long and growing all the way. You’re special.

There is no safer place…

An appointment with Louise Marie is a relaxation technique on it’s own.

It is a blend of beautiful decor, rich, relaxing scents, and an open confidence like with an old friend. You never have to worry about your hair in Louise Marie’s hands – there is no safer place. A trip to this salon is not only good for the hair, – it’s good for the soul.

(Canadian wavy)

March 20, 2017

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