You are, of course, THE BEST!! Thanks, awesome girl!!

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I have just visited Louise Marie Longhairs for the first time in 5 years. Last visit was my first. So for five years I have been a member and I have to say, my hair is phenomenally different from when I started! I came in with frizzy, silicone-y, thin, dry, yucky hair. Now, after five years, even Louise Marie said, “I’m proud of your progress”.
What more can I say. The old hair is ALL gone, and the new hair is fabulous. It’s soft, way thicker — all the way to the ends — NO DAMAGE!! She gave me a fantastic trim and shaping that looks and makes me feel like a model.
When I first came, she cleaned my scalp and helped me clean up my act. Now I finally have the hope of having the amazing, below hip-length hair that I’ve always wanted because my hair is like ‘virgin hair’ that has never been cut and has no damage!
Also, I’ve used her facial cream for five years, and at nearly 39 years of age, even Louise Marie didn’t believe how old I am! She, too, is a baby face — her products will bring out the best in you!!
Thank you, again, Louise Marie!

You are, of course, THE BEST!!

Thanks, awesome girl!!

Julie B

March 21, 2017

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