Yes, it’s worth it…

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I agree that LM’s line is worth the cost. I’m almost at a year on her line and I’ve started to set aside every month for my “cleansing bill”. Last time I went to see LML, it came out to be a rather large bill – I get LOTS of #27. I then decided to budget better and when I figured out how much money to set aside a month, I realized how much it costs me per day. Really, it isn’t that much at all! I think if someone said “I can guarantee you beautiful hair and clear skin for only X amount of money a day”, most people would gladly pay that and more. What I like about LM’s products is that they don’t guarantee those results for a small amount of money a day – you have to put in alot of your own elbow oils 🙂 This is going to sound arrogant, but that is what sets us apart from others. We put in alot of effort to get the results we have. The money is nothing to the time and work I put into using LM’s line.

Above, I said X amount of money because I understand that currency varies for many people on this board. I would suggest that if you are ever concerned about cost to calculate your daily expenditure and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

About the time, I do put in alot of time a day taking care of my hair and skin. That would really get to me sometimes until one day I was chilling out my skin after my shower with the windows open and I could hear the chirping birds. I realized then that those birds and all other animals spend most of the day when they are not looking for food or taking care of young on grooming themselves and each other. Spending time on my hair and skin feels natural and allows me to be mindful. I think of my scalp when I do scrubs and enjoy the feeling of the oil. I pay attention to every scent from LM’s products. Grooming is not just good for my hair and skin, I believe it is good for my mind and soul too.

(from USA)

March 20, 2017

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