When I logged on bam! There you were, I like that…

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Thank you !

Hi there you wonderful hair person, thinking about you earlier this morning and when I logged on bam! There you were, I like that. I’m in such a state of bliss with my wonderful hair now. Your products have done so much for my hair and my self esteem that I’m a different person (outwardly). I’ll bet the angels in heaven rejoice each time you bring in a new client.

Satisfaction and peace with ones own self is what you have helped bring to me, and I know it’s so about others too. Your email signature, CREE NATIVE PROPHECY I love it, going to do it in brass and frame it, the history of long hair too.

You have done great for me Louise Marie and I want to tell everyone about you. (when we see state troupers with pony tails we’ll know we have got em good (grin) ). People are in love with my hair (never thought I would say such a thing) but it’s true, the grins and smiles are constant, you took 15 years off my age. If we keep this up I might end up in diapers again!! You can use anything I have said to you however you want on your site or where ever. Sending someone to you for products, he said “I’m going to try those hair products”, talked to him on the web.

My hair just slipped down in my face and over one eye and it feels so good I will not move it out of my face, feels so soft and nice because of you. THANK YOU!!!

(Texan male)

March 20, 2017

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