What is beginning to get me excited is …

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I bought some of the Longhairs Cellulite Soap!
Anyone who has cellulite knows this stuff doesn’t just disappear quickly, and I do have quite a bad case of it on my lower butt and thighs.

All this lead-in is to say I certainly didn’t expect to have quick major improvements. And that didn’t happen, which is perfectly OK, it’s only been a month of regular use…

The big deal though is that the soap is wonderful to use and leaves a texture that I really like, definitely not dry but somehow less slippery even when I’m perspiring. It seems to keep working through to the next shower.

What is beginning to get me excited is that even though cellulite is still there it appears to be changing a bit, less big bumps (can we say craters, LOL).

In those areas where I have very little, it now seem to be almost gone, it is not visible unless I do one of the famous squeeze tests. That’s a huge confidence builder for me.

I’m really amazed and very much looking forward to what the next few months will do.

Should also mention that I do not have the advantage of youthful skin that springs back – 56.5 years is approaching and it will be very interesting to see what improvements I can get at this age.

As usual Ms. Louise Marie comes through in even the most hard core aspects.
Major Kudos, as always,

GW California

March 21, 2017

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