What an HONOR it was to sit in Louise Marie Longhairs’ chair…

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I just arrived in from Toronto after the long weekend and I was going to wait to post my comments about my visit to this wonderful WONDERLAND of a Non-salon, mainly because I didn’t think I could express what an HONOR it was to sit in Louise Marie Longhairs’ chair… this antique chair is a worth a whole other posting… but I can’t wait to share with all my other Longhair friends here.

was great (thanks to him my magicpack is like brand new) The cats were beautiful well behaved, lovable, fluffy, creatures that made me feel right at home and long for my own fluffy creature back home!

LML was just gracious, intelligent, and healing. The experience was overwhelming to say the least.

LML diagnosed everything right and wrong with my hair and scalp, and cleansed and massaged and combed and shampooed for approximately an hour and a half before she even started THE CUT, I swear my hair must have already grown and inch before I left that day!

We joked and people watched out her beautiful downtown window at all the silicone heads walking the streets … how dare they!

LML spent hours cutting my hair which lacked any shape due to not going for a salon cut in over a year. A couple hours later I emerged with the curls that went straight due to yucky products over the years, a beautiful shape that actually made my hair look longer than when I walked in, it falls all over my body now, not just in the front or just in the back (all around) I’ve got a ‘before’ picture and I promise to send her an after shot. My hair feels fantastic, thick, shiny, and like it is growing as I type. I left with a treat for clients only (Love, love, love them!) and also a friend in LML.

It was truly an HONOR to sit in her chair. If you get the opportunity, give yourself the treat of a lifetime!

Can’t wait to go back. Thank you so much.

(another curly from central USA)

March 20, 2017

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