What a wonderful experience!!!

I couldn’t wait, I had to wash my hair this evening, I massaged in the #18, that felt so good, then I sprayed #27 on my sore spots , especially on the back of my scalp and it really burned right there, but after that it felt so good and cooling on my scalp, I then washed and lathered 4 customary times with #2 and to my amazement, this was the first time I ever just wash my hair without tons of conditioner, my hair felt so silky and soft, I was so surprised, then I easily picked it, no tangles!

I then wrapped a towel around my hair, finished dressing and such, I hurried so I wouldn’t leave the towel on too long, then I pick it again with ease, and comb it like you said to, my hair was so soft and smooth. Now my ends about 3 inches up was already dry, so I guess they are the driest , so I retreated with #10b on them, then added a little water and a little more #10b, then my ends were soft and conditioned. I am going to re-treat again with #10-b before bed.

What a wonderful experience!!!

(Magicpacker from Kansas USA)

March 19, 2017

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