Very impressed so far…. two thumbs up..

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I got my stuff yesterday! I’m so excited!

This is to let you know how my first 2 shampooings went…you’ll have to let me know how often and in how much detail I should get back to you…

First I used the #2 followed by the #9. My hair felt very, very clean, and I noticed some nice reddish highlights…have they just been covered up by the silicones I’ve been using :-p? I was a little worried about tangling, but I used the Magic Spray and had no problems…I guess I’m paranoid…I’ve had some bad experiences with salon shampoos in the past. I used another brand of products for a little while, and my hair was a tangled mess! No such problems here, though.

Last night I used the SOS scalp oil, which felt very nice.

Today I used the #7 with the #10 conditioner. The highlights are still there, maybe ’cause my hair’s so CLEAN! I especially like the weight of my hair, no flyaways, even feels a little heavier… I am very impressed with the Magic Spray. I used to use the another brand’s pour-on conditioner products for a while too, I thought it was good for untangling (silicones again) but then got sticky…got no stickiness with the #11 Magic Spray, instead!

Just to give you an update…my hair is 29″ measuring from the top of my head, 23″ from the nape (it grew!!!!!), and is a little past waist-length. I’m aiming for mid-thigh. It’s light brown with gold & reddish highlights, tends to lighten especially around my face, during the summer…I want to avoid the blond look if possible, it’s getting darker & I want to play up the brown more than the gold.

I do have problems with the ends…I trimmed quite a bit off about 8 months ago (2″) which has grown back out now. As you said, I snip off the split ends (there are lots) with a little pair of scissors whenever I get the chance. I think I’m still growing out some previous damage from when my hair was fairly long but I wasn’t taking care of it.

Very impressed so far….two thumbs up and I can’t wait to hear what you suggest! Recommended you to two other people so far!!!

(Hailing from USA)

March 20, 2017

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