Today My Hair Was Sooooo Smooth!

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the Longhairs SplitsNippers – they are the sharpest I have ever seen! I have nipped a few more splits – I just don’t have very many! Today my hair was soooo smooth! I haven’t straightened it at all this summer – since it is too hot to use a blow-dryer, but since it seemed like it would be easy today, I did it, and my hair is STICK STRAIGHT – without ANY product but the gel. I am amazed at the smoothness, and overall improvement of the health over the past 4 months.

Since I have been using the #18 faithfully, I have really noticed increased growth – I think it has been growing almost an inch a month! I could never get it past my shoulders for years!!! I guess NOT going to salons for regular trims helps, too.

My husband mentioned this morning how long it was getting – he really likes it. Although he gives me a ribbing for how much I spend, he always has his nose in my hair!! 😉 He likes how the #9 makes my hair smell so fresh and clean. I have used it on him a time or two – he likes the tingle! I may start him on your products, as well, even though he doesn’t want to be a Longhairs.

Hair is progressing very well, I cannot even describe it as “dry” anymore! It’s getting longer, too! 🙂

Stephanie B in USA

March 20, 2017

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