To me, she is THE doctor of long hair…

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I’m a faithful (male) client of 13 years (4.5 feet), since my first visit with Louise Marie.

She makes all her stuff so you know it’s the best for you.

If I could get a nickel for every time someone asks me these four questions:

1. Is that your real hair?

2. How long did it take you to grow that?

3. HOW did you grow that?

And 4… can I touch it?

Gee I’d be an awfully rich boy! Many years it’s been really long now, but, can you believe these Questions! I feel like a zoo animal! Here’s the answers for ya… To question 1, Don’t ever ask me if it’s MY real hair, Maybe you say it looks cool or maybe say something constructive.(it’s not like a Mink coat either!) Answers to question number 2,and 3…Well, to start at the beginning: 12 years ago, I wandered into this really cool salon on Yonge Street in Toronto. This Hairdresser just focused on longhaireds. I had very short hair then, kind of the office look. When I walked into this place,I met Louise Marie and said;”can you help me grow my hair long?” Well the rest is history, because within two years my hair grew about a foot and a half, and I was still using the earlier versions of her products. The next 2 years it grew an additional foot and a half. The last remaining years I’ve had her keep the length shortened to the mid of my butt. I have had my hair this length now for the last 10 years and what IS scary, is that I am probably capable of growin this hair right down to my knees, thanks to Louise Marie.Thanks to her hair advice, amazing products that I swear by, and salon care services, my hair is HEALTHY and STILL GROWING long and strong. These days I try to come in to Louise Marie Longhairs to get my hair trimmed, between 3-6 months depending on my busy schedule. So to all those people that say “don’t cut your hair for years to grow it…” that’s a pile of “you know what!” Give Louise Marie a Holler, and get your hair looking like a million dollars. To me, she is THE doctor of long hair.

(that blonde guy from her wall of pictures;-)

March 20, 2017

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