This really is confidence in a bottle. I love it!

I have been using Hairgasm shampoo and conditioner for just over a month now. From the first wash, there was something different about this product. I have tried many natural shampoos on the market, and this is the first one I find that seems to have brains behind it. Within a week all the problems my hair was having were remedied. It feels so healthy again. It feels the way my hair felt like when I was a child. It feels soft and shiny the way it only looks after a visit to a salon – but the difference is this is lasting. I am really amazed. Thank you so much for making Hairgasm! – it truly is the shampoo and conditioner that I’ve been searching for.

Wholistic it is – because it makes me feel healthy and confident all round. My hair feels nourished from root to tip. Now I can feel what my hair has been missing all this time. It’s such a difference. I can’t wait to try the other products and to visit the non-salon in person.

This really is confidence in a bottle. I love it!


March 21, 2017

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