The Search is Over!!!

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Dear Louise Marie:

My 2 daughters & I have been using your LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO for about 4 months with incredible results. My 11 year old has hair past her waist & my 8 year old has hair to the middle of her back. The LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO has turned their beautiful hair into silk- flowing & moving around their bodies with a gleaming shine. When I hold & lift their hair it feels as light as air & so very soft. I love the feel of the lightness of my hair on my head.

When my cat sees the horn comb she tries to ram her head up into it- when I comb her with it, she purrs so loud & her calico colors become instantly rich & gleaming- we see colors we didn’t even know she had! My Golden Retriever adores having his face & head combed with the sheep horn comb, leaving him with an incredible golden glow. The combs are great on our hair too, also giving us an instant shine& making our scalp feel great. I like the way it untangles the curly hair at the roots, allowing it to loosen up & be more the length it is.

No more trying every new product out there- the search is over! I have given away my huge collection of various hair products- we will never use that stuff again! I only wish I could come to your non-salon & experience it all!

Thanks to you for truly understanding what hair needs & for always being so nice & helpful- your knowledge & generosity shines through! Thanks!


March 20, 2017

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