The most recent compliment I got was it was ‘alive’.

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I happen to come across Longhairs Salon one night as I was phoning a variety of salons to enquire about hair extensions. My hair didn’t seem to grow and it was always dry and had split ends – “fried” is what I heard once. I tried MANY different hair products and nothing seemed to work on my hair. I was fed up I wanted long hair fast!

Thank goodness Louise Marie suggested not to attempt to add the hair extensions and fully explained how much damage this can cause to your hair and scalp.

It made a lot of sense. I suppose I just wanted a temporary quick fix. I agreed to go down to the salon to pick up some samples she had offered. I had the pleasure of meeting Louise Marie and seeing her salon. It was really nice to meet her and I had a lot of fun talking about hair. She took her time to explain the benefits of her products. She spent quite a bit of time with me. I was grateful for this because many salons try to rush you in and out, but not Louise Marie. I tried the samples and eventually purchased the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO and have been using this since my first meeting while saving up for my Magic Pak – which I can’t wait for!

Since I have been using the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO I have received MANY compliments on my hair – especially that it is ‘shiny’. I myself have noticed a big difference. It is shiny and soft. The most recent compliment I got was it was “alive”.

I also purchased the “Magic Spray”. I love this product and have a tip to offer:

“Magic Spray Tip”

At times I use hot rollers to give my hair a different look. I Magic Spray my hair all around only once – very lightly, then add the rollers. Once all the rollers are in my hair, I give another quick squirt of the Magic Spray all around. After the rollers have set, then taken out I am left with VERY soft & shiny hair! I find that the Magic Spray adds more shine. This should work as well if you use a curling iron.

In addition to the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO and Magic Spray, Louise Marie colored my hair. What was interesting about the color that Lousie Marie applied was that it REMAINED SHINY. In the past I noticed on myself and others who color their hair that the color faded in a week and it wasn’t as shiny and vibrant.

FR from Toronto, Ontario

March 20, 2017

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