The longer I use your products, the easier my hair is getting …

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Dear Louise Marie Longhairs

I wanted to drop you a line with some preliminary findings on some of your products. I love your protein shampoo #1. It is great. I also have found #6 is wonderful on my daughters naturally blonde hair. Your #9 trees rinses are very good.

My hair has some damage from color, and I find it takes a little longer to comb out, but the results are well worth it! I like the #11 detangling spray very much, it really works. The two oils in my Magicpack and #19 HoneyBee treatment are wonderful, and the “#13 Bliss Tips” really works. I am very pleased.

I used to have crunchy end on my hair where it was damaged. With your products, my hair feels smooth and shiny all the way to the tips. I now lose very few hairs in the brush or comb, and my hair looks great.

I will keep trying each shampoo, and send you my lists for replenishing my supply. I have noticed the longer I use your products, the easier my hair is getting to comb out. The Magicpack’s great!!!!! 🙂

I have been very happy with my Starters Magic pack and would just say how much I love your products and how much better off I feel my hair is now. In closing, today’s combo was #4 and #9 Trees Conditioner and my hair is as smooth and soft as ever. I am thinking, maybe I’ll get some pictures taken.

(Hailing from USA)

March 20, 2017

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