The flakes are gone!

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The flakes are gone! So I decided to try doing #27 every other day. My scalp got sensitive though. I will try #27 every day for a little longer. I have noticed that #18 feels cool on my scalp now. It rarely did that before, but now it feels tingly and cool almost every morning. Feel free to share this message with other longhairs because it took me about a year and a half for my scalp to finally stay clear consistantly! It still is sensitive and you told me at my last visit that my scalp is still a bit tight and thin. I know I still have longer to go until my scalp is up to it’s full potential.

I used to put gel and volumizer on my roots before I started the Longhairs line. It really contaminated my scalp.

(clear sailing in Michigan USA)

March 19, 2017

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