The #9 Trees Conditioner is a mantrap!…

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the #9 Trees Conditioner is a mantrap!…” I came by the other day and I’ve washed a few times with the (you sent me home with lots of shampoos and conditioners, and I haven’t yet tried all of them. could I pass on the last little bit as a sample to snare in more needy hair types? the hairgasm cool has been very popular with myself (and my boyfriend – he’s been sneaking it) and the #9 conditioner is a mantrap. I would just like to offer testimonial that I and my sister both tried it and men actually asked us what we had in our hair that smelt so good!! (on separate occasions and different men!) I just came to the website to see how to use the 10a and 10b,

Anyway, my boyfriend likes your stuff so much that he is even going to pay for the next shampoos.

(LB local)

March 20, 2017

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