Thank you so much for your help in healing my hair…

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OK. Long story, but here goes…

I’m 39, been highlighting my hair for years. My hair is considered fine and straight but thick. The past 4 hair lightening sessions were about 100 days apart and I used a process called “Sun Glitzing”. This is supposedly all natural (though peroxide is used). My color is great but each time the process was over my hair would tangle. I mean really bad! It felt dry and crispy. I used “silk” shampoo and conditioning products my old regular brand of products Leave In Conditioner, Spray On Protein Spray Gel and Pomade to add shine and separation.

My hair looked good but so much hair was coming out when I combed through after washing and when drying. I started cutting back on the my old regular brand of products Conditioner and Protein because I travel and this was too many products for one head and suitcase! My hair began to tangle, then it began to matte.It took 10 minutes to untangle after washing then when I dry it started breaking and hair was everywhere!

I contacted Louise Marie Longhairs and ordered the Magic Pak.’

I would brush my hair with the Kinder Brush before washing. That took getting use to because it felt like it wasn’t going through my hair and only brushing the top layer. But it wasn’t breaking my hair. When I first started using the shampoo, it would not lather and my hair seized up and matted more!! I used 1/3 bottle of #10 Conditioner the first washing. Nothing happened. I kept trying different shampoos and masses of conditioner. I would lightly rinse the conditioner out so that some stayed on my hair after washing. I even started adding back the my old regular brand of products conditioner Spray after the Louise Marie Longhairs products. My hair was still tangling and knotting.

THEN, I read the Product Support page on the Louise Marie Longhairs website and I read “…Be sure to thoroughly rinse out all conditioner as this will encourage tangling if conditioner is left on…” I rushed home that nite and massaged in the Scalp Oil (I thought you should only use this if you had some scalp disorder). I (randomly) washed with #22 the next morning and conditioned with #9 Trees Conditioner. I even picked the conditioner through my hair in the shower the way you recommend. I have never taken the time to do that!!

This time I rinsed thoroughly with HOT water then COOLER water. My hair looked matted and tangled after washing but EUREKA, the tangles came smoothly out! I did not add any of my old regular brand of products with yours this time. I used a little Louise Marie Longhairs Styling Gel and dried my hair. My hair was very shiny. No need to add artificial shine products. My hair color was brilliant too!

Since I now have fly aways, broken hair from its previous trauma, I finished with #13 Bliss Tips to smooth them down. My hair looks very healthy today and as of this writing I’m running my fingers through my hair like I always do, and the tangles are almost zero. After today I expect my hair to improve with time. Now I’m a believer in Louise Marie Longhairs Products. I won’t ever go back to the “flammable glycols”. Thank you so much for your help in healing my hair.

P.S. I really thought all those “medic” named products were for someone with dandruff, scales and gross scalp problems. Now I understand they stimulate and nourish. Live and Learn. 🙂

(Shining in Texas USA)

March 20, 2017

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