THANK YOU Louise-Marie!!!

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I didn’t expect anything less from Louise-Marie.
I have been using a variety of Louise-Marie Longhairs® hair products for quite some time. One of the products I am pleased with is the permanent hair dye. It is the best I have ever used! After using the hair dye, the results have left my hair shiny, silky-soft and natural looking.
I was so impressed that the color did not leave build up on my hair! In addition, weeks after using the dye, my hair did not frizz up like it usually does after applying a drugstore or salon brand hair coloring and most important, the color did not fade.
Recently, I had the pleasure to visit Louise-Marie for a wash and cut. My hair felt alive! I was so happy with the results but then again, I didn’t expect anything less from Louise-Marie.

Thank you, Louise-Marie.
I look forward to continuing my hair regimen.
FR – Toronto, ON

March 21, 2017

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