Thank-you for the prompt call-back.

Wow, happy to hear from you. I am delighted!!!

Thank-you for the prompt call-back.

Thanks for taking time to help me sign in and giving me feedback on products and proper usage on the horn comb which I am using now. What a treat…
Love, Love, Love it!!! What took me so long to discover this wonderful comb? It takes a little getting use to but in a few days I will be use to it.
Haven’t shampooed yet I will give you feedback on my progress. You are the best, keep on keeping on!!!

I am a Scritcher for life!!!I love both horn combs and love how my scalp feel, my scalp has awaken! From a dull sleep

Both horn combs! I love the itchy scritchy feeling from the scritcher horn comb and love combing my hair with the BIG WOW horn comb

P. A

September 16, 2017

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