Thank you for all the support, and your great responsiveness…

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Dear Louise Marie;

The Magic Pack is really cute. Everything looks really great. I will start using your products tonight. I got your instructions: I should start with a prescrub with #18, then use shampoo #2, 3 or 5, 2 lathers and then use a conditioner. Yes, I am able to print out your instructions from the Web. By the way, I’ve seen your new Web design – looks very good, very useful for both “newbies” to your site and customers.

So thank you very much, Louise Marie, for all the support and your great responsiveness so far. As I wrote you earlier, if your products are only half as good as it sounds from your Web site, your prices are really reasonable .I’ll let you know how your products do to me. You’ll know for sure when you see the next order 🙂

Kind regards,

from Germany

March 20, 2017

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