Something that makes it feel like real hair…

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Dear Louise Marie, I’ve been growing my hair for twenty years now and have tried many products and have read countless books on the care and growth for long hair. You could say i’m obsessed…..and I am, especially when it comes to the true health and beauty of my 43 inches of hair. In all my research and trials though, I’ve never come across products like yours! Sure I’ve found fixes for my worn old hair, but nothing like what I’ve found in your shampoo’s and conditioners. I’ve always wanted a product thats as natural to my hair as my hair is, and something that makes it feel like real hair and not some coated stuff. MY hair, for the first time …probably in twenty years…feels like HAIR, not coated, moist, seemingly fuller, yet light….and completely natural!!!!

thank-you for your truly natural and wonderful product line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Av**a?….there’s a new girl in town!!!!

Val (New York USA)

March 20, 2017

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