Someone who can honestly help me get the hair I want…

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I’ve always wanted ‘long’ healthy hair. It’s been 5 years since I started growing it out one length. The crazy thing is, every hairdresser I had, tried to talk me in to a short cut, or took too much off my ends.

My hair had only grown 7 inches in 5 years. No thanks to hairdressers recommending me products from a well-known professional hair care line that have done nothing but damage and give my hair a build-up. Not to mention more split ends. It’s so sad to have paid big dollars for hair care products that did nothing but stress my hair.

FINALLY, a friend with great long hair, recommended Louise Marie Longhairs, who is a specialist in long hair. …I got an appointment with her, I went. Now, I think Louise Marie Longhairs is THE most ‘educated and intelligent’ the master of the ‘World of long haircare and products’.

I have only been using her hair care products exclusively for four days so far, and cannot believe the difference in my hair!!!! Louise Marie gave me the best trim I have ever had in my life, she’s awesome! She did more than just trimming off all my split ends, and still kept my length!

All of her products are amazing, She let me try almost all of them, from shampoos to conditioners to her ‘Magic Spray’, it’s a leave in conditioner that makes your hair smooth as silk.It also adds a very light-weight feeling to your whole head of hair, plus now my ends feel thicker than ever!

I would highly recommend anyone who wants ‘healthy long hair’ to give Louise Marie Longhairs a call. She’s intelligent, hardworking, and has the knowledge about growing long hair. You’ll be very excited to use her hair care products and to see the difference they will make.

So take MY advice, and trust her, she really knows what she is doing!!! My mind is at ease, knowing I have finally found someone who can honestly help me get the hair I want.

So, if you want healthy ‘long hair’, do yourself a favor, you owe it to yourself to give Louise Marie Longhairs a call.. NOW!!!!!!!


March 20, 2017

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