She’s not pulling this from thin air…

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I have been using the LML products and following the wise instructions of Louise Marie for about 15 months.Let me tell you I wish I had gone to her sooner!! Can I tell you how many times I walked past the non-salon and been curious as to what happens there but never acted to find out!! After a recent visit I got a trim and some restyling and my hair hasn’t been this great for years. I must say that it is soft and really responds well to styling and shaping when I blow dry lightly.Today was a day when I actually felt good about my hair and how it made me feel in public. In order to get these same results you have got to use the products as instructed by Louise Marie and you have to do all of the other aspects (combing, oil, latherings, conditionings) exactly as Louise Marie tells you to do.She’s not pulling this from thin air, she really does know what she is talking about. I’m getting great results by using only the BTN Duo the whole time. Imagine the results that I could get if only I would get off my butt and get the cash to get my Magicpack!!

Sandra from Scarborough

March 21, 2017

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