She listened to my hair and trimmed it the way it wants to fall

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In one session, Louise Marie healed my dry coloured hair. It’s a miracle! Before, my hair was dry and after washing and conditioning, it was like a fur ball on my head. It was all tangled and pouffy and I ripped so much out after every wash. I used Argan oil and that helped a little but then my hair had stuff in it and got greasy fast. Im so glad I visited Longhairs. Louise taught me how to wash my hair so it tangles less. The conditioner is amazing! It’s so silky & nourishing. I love it. I have never been this excited about a hair product and I am not a salon diva. The comb is incredible, as well ! It helps my hair be tangle free, silky and smooth without ripping tonnes of hair out. After washing and conditioning with Hairgasm, my hair is smooth, silky and clean. I love running my fingers through it. I feel so fancy. Louise Marie gave me a wonderful hair cut. She listened to my hair and trimmed it the way it wants to fall and made me look fabulous. My hair has never before in my life been this nourished, smooth and well- behaved. I am in a state of bliss! I put off visiting Longhairs for years but you should not. You deserve the amazing hair the Louise Marie can help you experience. You do not know what you are missing until you visit Longhairs!

 Renee Sekula

Dear Renee
I thank you kindly for sharing this here, with myself, and others!
…..and you were worth every minute of my time:-)


November 25, 2017

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