Respect to LML

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“I have been using LML’s products for almost two years worked closely online with her, (and over the phone) for this long so far. She’s worked on my hair three sessions. (I live far away..)

After getting to know and love this wonderful person, I am very disturbed by what I am seeing out on the web sometimes.

Louise Marie Longhairs has been developing her products and style of cutting since she was a young teenager. She is neither “just a local hairdresser” nor the CEO of a mega-company. She is passionately, personally involved with her products and her clients. She is also like a Naturopathic doctor, chemist and dietician.

People from the outside don’t seem to understand that she needs to spend her time on and with her clients – not necessarily on the general public. She and her staff PERSONALLY answer all email because LML wants to give each client INDIVIDUAL, PERSONAL support.

I’ve noticed outside people are upset because they can’t just order one product or get a price list from the sites she extends to the general public. Some folks around are not happy if she sends them a personal instruction. I think to myself, “THEN WHY DON’T THEY GO SOMEPLACE ELSE?!”

LM is, in a sense, a Guru. To her it isn’t just about hair, but a whole attitude of love and caring for each other as a community. I feel that she is a “natural” and that she has a “gift” for hair. She draws heavily on her Native American heritage and spirituality.

I feel that she has been given a natural ability to understand the nature of herbs and other natural ingredients in her products. This is a long and honored tradition in most cultures. My great-grandmother was noted for her knowledge of herbs. These women used to be revered and treated with great respect. I think Louise Marie deserves the same kind of respect from the web and her clients.

She is not in this just for the money – you could never pay her for the number of hours she spends giving support and working with her staff on her websites.

This planet is where she is the Queen Bee, not because she is arrogant, but because she has put over 20 years of love and effort into her products (and her clients!) Here is where we can be free and revel in the “SPIRIT OF LONG HAIR”!

(from USA)

March 20, 2017

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