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Louise Marie suggested that I add this to my previous post after our conversation about #27 Chillout Spray (when I saw her) this weekend:

I chill out my ears by spraying on #27 Chillout Spray, and then rubbing the ear with a wet cottonball with some #27 Chillout on it already (I already used the cotton ball on my face).

When I spray the #27 Chillout on my ears, I can actually feel the water in my ears come right out**. No need to jump up and down and tap the side of your head 🙂

She also suggested that I spray my feet with #27 every morning.

If I remember correctly, it had something to do with using #27 Chillout Spray some form of hydrotherapy*.

Notes from Louise Marie;*(hydrotherapy; cold water therapy on the feet raises the immune levels) **(#27 actually disperses the water there;)

(hailing from Northern USA)

March 20, 2017

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