Quick-dry hair gene?!!??

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Most of the comments I get about my hair is actually on the drying time! I tend to come into work with damp hair, but it always dries before the morning is over. People say “You’re lucky” and “I don’t grow my hair out because it takes hours to dry”. I then tell them about the silicone in their hair and that I can give them more info on the products I use, etc. I know people with hair shorter than mine who have to blow dry their hair in the amount of time mine takes to dry on its own. It dries super quick after 10a and I have to rewet the ends to put in my retreat.

It’s weird the reactions I get. Sometimes I think people rather want to believe that I have “quick-dry hair genes” instead of believing that I take care of the health of my hair.

(the USA gene;-)

March 19, 2017

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