OK., I am hooked !!!

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Dear Louise Marie;

OK., I am hooked!!!

My hair curled and behaved so wonderfully last night that even some of my very unobservant guy friends commented on it.

I have read all of the posts on the inspiration board and I’m about to start on the golden rules board.

I want you to set up the diary that I refused yesterday – I know I will use it.

Your stuff is magic – the rash below my lip is almost GONE!!! (#27 Chillout Healing Spray was used there)

Today after my work out I used #18 SOS Scalp Oil, shampooed (2 lathers) with #2 Superclear, conditioned with #9 Trees Conditioner, combed it through, blanched, towel dried, retreated with a bit of #10-B Protein Conditioner, and then added some #14 styling aid, and my hair is curling like it used to when I was little!!!

I am so glad that I met you.

(straight from southern USA)

March 20, 2017

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