…Nice hair, lady.

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As I went home on the subway, an fellow identified as a gang member sat down next to me and looked long and hard at my hair. Finally, he looked up at me (I was standing), made eye contact and nodded. (My husband told me later that he officially put me under his protection, that he approved of me, somehow.)

Later, as I walked from the Keele station to my father-in-law’s place, a panhandler asked for some spare change. Even as I declined, he added on, “Nice hair, lady.”

Paul (my husband) just stared at me: he couldn’t believe how bright my hair was!

Back at work, the custodian asked me if I had gotten my hair streaked or highlighted because it seemed so much brighter. Thank You!!!!

PS I have been talking up the delightful scalp treatment, and have forwarded the website to some friends who are interested in growing their hair long again. 🙂

Speech Language Pathologist

MA Toronto

March 20, 2017

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