My new hair:-)

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I thought I would let you know how I was doing. I have been using the products as you have instructed and everybody keeps asking me what I’ve done different with my hair. I haven’t done anything but wash it with your products. They are amazing.

I really like the #20 & 21# Shampoos and the #17 Lilith Conditioner. I have naturally red hair with blonde streaks from the summer. This combination makes my hair really shiny and red, I love the smells.

My absolute favorite smell is the #18 SOS Scalp oil. I have been using a little for the smell, at night if I have a headache or can’t sleep. It helps me to relax.

I also use the #18 SOS Scalp oil on my husband’s scalp as a treat because he loves to have his scalp massaged. I also really like the #9 Trees conditioner. It feels great on my scalp and it smells good too.

I have hardly had any tangles in my hair since I started using your products. I love them all. I have used the #13 -A Bliss tips oil on my ends and it works great. I don’t have much left because my cat was in the bathroom when I was putting it in my hair and she knocked the bottle over and dumped the bottle all over the counter. I managed to get most of it off the counter and back into the bottle. I have about half a bottle left.

Thanks for everything!

(hailing from the central USA)

March 20, 2017

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