My hair is still growing, and this is wonderful!….

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My hair just keeps on getting better and better as time goes by and I use your products more. I couldn’t be happier. The #3 shampoo is great and I think that I will be using that even more.

It does make my scalp feel good and my hair so shiny and soft and clean. I think my hair responds really well to shampoos with the qualities in your product line.

My hair always comes out shinier and softer for some reason. Perhaps it’s that the pH agrees with my fine hair better. My hair now does shine as nicely as if it had a hair laminate on it, but without the nasty side effects.

I have been noticing that the next day after I wash my hair, not the day of the washing, my scalp is starting to itch. You said this means that I need to wash my hair every day instead of every other day I was afraid that this might dry my hair out (it would with everyone else’s I guess I am stuck in the old rut of the saying “don’t wash long hair too often!”. I am afraid that my dry hair will get dryer and start breaking. However, when I use your products, my hair does seem to be incredibly soft and not dry on that day. It’s not until the next day that I’ve really started noticing that.

My hair is now just three inches away from my waist now. I am very excited. My hair is still growing, and this is wonderful! Because it usually doesn’t seem to grow in the winter. At any rate, my hair is very happy and I thank you for everything. Have a wonderful day!

(from central USA)

March 20, 2017

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