My hair is ‘NORMAL’ now!

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I was just thinking last week when I was putting honeybee conditioner on my hair for it’s weekly treat… the first time I used honeybee, I didn’t like it. I remember reading on the website about people loving it and I just couldn’t see what they were talking about. But I used it because I was a good Dr. Longhairs patient and after several times, I really started noticing how great it turned out. Especially if I followed the Dr. Longhairs directions and followed up with the 9 Trees conditioner.

You know, maybe it’s stubborn human nature to want to do things your own way, but just think, Louise Marie has been doing this for over 25 years–she knows how it’s supposed to work. Why try to reinvent the wheel…FOLLOW HER DIRECTIONS. You know ’cause they really work like she tells you!

Mistakes I made when first using LML products:

Thinking that #18 SOS was only if you had bad scalp problems. Not combing hair before shampooing–this step takes out so many tangles. Not combing hair after conditioning with the anti-tangle comb. Using bliss tips all over instead of just the ends.

Thanks for being patient, Louise Marie YOU’RE the BEST!

Now I remember the other thing I wanted to tell you. After reading on another long hair board about the problem with “the ends are dry, the roots are oily–what product works for you?” kind of posts, I realized MY HAIR IS NORMAL!

I remember the days before Longhairs products I had the same problem, especially since my hair was tinted, the ends were VERY dry and the roots were VERY oily. The best I could do was one of those “condition from your ears down” things. But with the magic of Longhairs–PROBLEM SOLVED! It’s just another great benefit of using the best haircare line in the world!

(another Longdistance Magicpacker from Michigan USA)
Well, they superceded my expectations …

I’ve now completed one full run (rotations) of each shampoo. I wanted to believe, when I first ordered longhairs products, that they would work for me. well, they superceded my expectations. I can’t imagine ever going back to the old way of managing my hair. they not only make hair incredible, but, my scalp is great too.

the #18 massages with #27 after that is what keeps my scalp so healthy. and it seems that every evening as I undo my hair from my braid to brush it, it appears longer.

I know I’ve said it before and I just guess I’ll keep saying it, thaaannnkkkk youuuu!

(Massachusetts USA)

March 19, 2017

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