My hair has that wonderful silky, heavy feeling…

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I’m well into my Longhairs Magicpack now.

My favorite shampoo so far is the #1 shampoo…I’ve already find I’ve started using it when I want my hair to look especially nice, also using a #2 Superclear the day before. I love the #10-B conditioner–great stuff!! I usually use the #9 Trees Conditioner now after the #19 Honey Bee Long Hair Treatment, which is also great. I use the #10-B conditioner most of the time in the shower, alternating sometimes with the #9 Trees.

I also love the #13 Bliss Tips Ends Oil. There was a comment on your website from someone who smoothed a few drops on the length of her hair…I tried this too, and it worked great!!

(Hailing from USA)

March 20, 2017

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