My hair (and especially scalp) feels… different…

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After slightly less than two weeks…my hair (and especially scalp) feels… different. I’ve had three people compliment my hair in the first week! I will really enjoy watching my progress with the system.

As for the sticky outtie bits…I’m sure I have more than just the normal “grow in” cycle. I think I asked LM about it when I was at the non-salon…but there was so much new information all at once, I didn’t take it all in. It’s my recollection that she indicated I would get a significant portion of them to “grow in”. I recall she said I should expect a “line” around my head as they grow in.

I’ll let you know in three months or so…if I’m going to get a line I should see it by then. That’s also when I’m hoping to go back to the non-salon for another trim/consultation.

(Straight from Canada)

March 20, 2017

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