My first day!!

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Hi Louise,

MY FIRST DAY: I now know what it’s like to have really soft hair. I thought It was my hair, but as you say there is no such thing as bad hair, just bad hair products. Hairgasm is really the most appropriate name for what I had in the shower, you certainly know how to describe your products in the most truest sense. This is how my first day went: the night before I did a pretreat with the Honeybee #19, then in the morning, I did my oil massage with #18 SOS Scalp oil for about 5 minutes, washed and rinsed four times with #2 SuperClear, and then retreated with #10-B Conditioner, and dabbed my ends with #13 Bliss Tips. and once everything was dry I also sprayed a very small amount of #11 Magic spray. (I guess I’m just curious about all these many products, and am like a little kid in a candy store, I want to try everything). And Voila !!! No weigh down, just Super Soft, Silky feeling hair.

( Longdistance Magicpacker Connecticut USA)

March 19, 2017

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