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your products have continued to save me through even the worst hair trials.Anyone reading this if you have a problem and are willing to really work with someone and have patience – this is your place.
Louise-Marie has become my trusted hair guru !

My hair is longer and healthier than ever before. Thank you LM !!!

I have only positive experiences with Louise-Marie’s services and hair care products. So good, that I haven’t looked elsewhere in over a year and a half. I have thick, brown, wavy hair that has never grown past my shoulders and stayed healthy. With Louise Marie’s help, my hair has grown longer (mid back length), stronger, and healthier (silky, sits well, has movement) than ever before. She is the most knowledgeable hair care professional I have ever met.

I always wanted long hair, spending countless $$ and time to attain long, healthy locks. Products/Methods: you name it, I’ve tried it. Probably every product Sephora has to offer, before trying a whole slew of ‘all natural organic’ lines and methods. I did the ‘no-poo’ for three months, washed my hair with apple cider vinegar for two months, did coconut oil masks, avocado and mayonnaise, lemon, honey, eggs… yet my hair remained strained. After using longhairs products, I can never look back.

Let’s be frank: LM’s theories and hair-care practice is not conventional – it may seem daunting at first, but its totally worth it. I have not only achieved results, I have gained a new appreciation for my hair 🙂 disclaimer: these products are not for you if you’re looking for overnight results with minimum dedication. However, if you are willing to put in the effort at first (over time, it really becomes habitual) you will reap the benefits 100% as early as the third day.

My hair has become healthier and so much easier to manage. I don’t shed everywhere. I don’t need hairspray. I don’t need a straightener or a curling iron (note: because lets be frank ladies, when a hairdresser straightens your hair at the end of a cut – you know they aren’t trustworthy…).
My hair looks great just as is. I love it!
Thank you Louise-Marie! Keep on rockin’ & making people happier all over world!!
Xx R

Products I use:
#2 Balancing Shampoo
#10B-ME2-C Extra Moisturizing Long Hair Conditioner
Flexi-pic – absolutely need this and the scratchers for oil.
#18**S.O.S Herb Medic Scalp Oil Two Stars
Sunfish Scritchers 3.5″ Longhairs® Sheeps Horn Comb
#19 Honey-Bee organic deep conditioning treatment
(I love this stuff!! I live in the Caribbean 11/12 months of the year
and this is wonderful hair rescue for overexposure to sun/salt).
#9 Trees Stimulating Conditioner

March 21, 2017

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