More delicious long hair and no breakage!

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Dear Doctorlonghairs:

Since using these new recipes of yours, NEW #2 and NEW #28, over all, our Hairgasm Longhairs products including our conditioners totally last longer  than ever and I wash daily mostly. Now my xtra-long hair is more tangle-free than ever. My almost knee-length hair is now very strong and it’s growing sooo well.

The look is deep radiant shine, kinda like a opalescent glow.

The movement is more of a silky magical floating quality. It no longer gets stuck on things. it stays smooth.

Your #28 Chillout Moist Shampoo is seemingly much thicker this batch than when you first started making it, no probs just give the earlier or first batch a shake  and it’s beautiful:-) Your more advanced formula  #2 (Silky)version shampoo is wickedly rich, kinda gelatinous, and gloriously thick and I need to use less each lathering than before.

I must say, you have outdone yourself again!!! More delicious long hair and no breakage! BTN plus Kit absolutely does it all for me!!

A puff of #11 Magic Spray on the Longhairs Kinder Gentle or Baby Brush I then used on dry hair is another instant success! I use the Gentle version Kinder Brush version mostly.Yes it goes through. I flew up for a day to visit with her . No regrets:-) LML showed me in person how to use everything right. She is truly like it says and more.

Try #28 Chillout Moist Shampoo as a heavenly creamy fresh-feeling bodywash… you really need to use so little, and you won’t regret it!

I’m hooked and my kitty Patty now loves her bath using the #28. (Peppermint Patty?) She is more snuggly soft and fresh with using this NEW #28 shampoo. She is no longer itching.

Monette from USA

March 28, 2017

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