MAGIC! And Louise Marie was the magician! I Love my long hair now.

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I was first introduced to Louise Marie Longhairs and her fabulous hair products approximately 9 years ago (and have Magicpacked ever since!).
My best friend lived in an apartment across the street from her relaxed “non” salon and was dying to get her hair done by Louise Marie. I decided to give her first appointment with Louise Marie as a birthday gift. I called and made an appointment for her consultation etc., I decided to get a consultation myself at the same time and settled the details with Louise Marie. Both of us had longish hair, (mine was just below my shoulders and my friend’s was mid-back length). I told another friend of mine what we were doing and she wanted to come with us. I called back and arranged everything with Louise Marie.
Great! All three of us would go together!
Finally the day of our appointment arrived. I was not planning to actually get my hair done by Louise Marie that night, I was just going to get a consultation and come back at a later time for a cut etc. That all changed once I saw the incredible transformation of both my friends’ hair. WOW! We all got “the works”. That is to say, we got the scalp treatment, deep cleansing and conditioning, as well as a fantastic cut! I absolutely HAD to get my hair done right then and there. Afterwards, we purchased our magic packs as well. With such a “WOW” transformation of our hair, we wanted to keep it that way. Healthy, shiny, full of body. I had never seen my hair look so good! Both of my friends felt the same way as I did, so we HAD to have the MAGIC PACK because it really was MAGIC! And Louise Marie was the magician!
I Love my long hair now. Before meeting Louise Marie and using her great, NATURAL products, I was contemplating cutting my hair to chin length. I am so glad that did not do that to myself. I prefer to have long hair and with Louise Marie’s products and personalized, professional service, I am able to grow my hair as long as I want. When you use these products as Louise Marie instructs, you too can have fabulous, bouncy, gleaming hair! No matter what length your hair is now. I have grown mine down past my waist (and then some) since I first discovered LONGHAIRS. MY hair has never felt or looked better!
Thanks to you, I love my hair!

March 21, 2017

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