Louise Marie’s has been the best for me…

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Although I have used other popular lines with very good results, I have to say that I like the Louise Marie Longhairs products the best of all, hands down. I think that they are all very good products. But Louise Marie has been best of all for me in terms of eliminating tangling, better scalp health, no more dried out ends or frizzies or flyaways, no buildup whatsoever. Plus I’ve been enjoying the awesome customer service they offer. If you’re having trouble with your hair or a question, and you email you will get answered very promptly. The downside, as with many product lines, can be cost depending how many different products you use. I alternate through a bunch of different shampoos and conditioners in the Louise Marie line, so my initial hit was pretty good sized (I made it a Christmas present to myself! ;o) ) But now it’s not so bad. And you have to order ahead of when you think you are running out (here’s hoping I don’t forget in the future!).

So I guess the final answer is that they are all good products, but some work better for others. I had success with them all, but Louise Marie’s has been the best for me. Good luck to anyone in finding the best products for you! It makes such a difference!

“…I couldn’t have been happier…” Just wanted to let you know that I tried out Trees and I’ve tried out Honey Bee-Long treatment. I like Trees, although I think I like Lilith and Protein conditioners a bit better. Trees will be good for me in the summer, because it makes my hair super light and fluffy. Lilith makes my hair light and fluffy, but smooth, and Protein makes my hair feel strong and thick. :o) The Honey Bee-Long treatment was a real treat. My hair just soaked it up and when I rinsed out my hair, and followed with the recommended rinse, I couldn’t have been happier. The Honey Bee-Long really improved the feel and texture of my hair quite a bit. I am still very happy with all of your products and let my Honey take the sampler of PEP SC Shampoo home with him. He loves the way it smells, cleans and stimulates his scalp. It makes his beautiful light blond hair very shiny. I have a feeling that I will have to continue sharing products with him! Luckily, his hair is really short so he won’t use much! ;o) I am so looking forward to having you take care of my hair this Spring. Not sure when to make the appointment for yet (because I don’t know how long it will take for me to get settled in my new home and get a new job), but when I’m ready, I will definitely request an appointment. I want my hair to look extra nice for the summer when I let it all down! ;o) At any rate, my hair is very happy and I thank you for everything This morning, I massaged with #18 SOS Medic Scalp Oil and then popped into the shower and used Protein shampoo and 10B again. I thought that my hair could use some serious fortifying. My hair still likes it and took the proteins better than even the last time. Scalp is very happy too — it feels light (not tight or dry) and I still get that faint impression of increased circulation/health. What a nice change. Yes, you have my order down perfectly. Please do go ahead and send that order. My Mom is going to be so pleasantly surprised with the comb I’ll be giving her. :o) Ooh, thank you for the gift decanter! I will be, as always, anxiously awaiting my wonderful parcel of hair goodies!

(Minnesota USA)

March 20, 2017

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