Louise Marie is the Fairy Queen of Harmonious Hair-care!

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I had been postponing getting my hair cut for about 3 years. My
hair is to the small of my back, and I didn’t want another hack job
that only looked good blow-dried. I was on a mission! I searched high,
I searched low, and then I found her quite by chance (or was it fate?).Getting your hair cared for by Louise Marie is the best you
could ask for. She is a joy to speak with, knowing her craft inside and
out; she is an encyclopedia of holistic hair advice. Louise Marie puts
you at ease with her down to earth, no nonsense approach, spending as
long as it takes to get it right and beautiful.My hair was
not doing well. My previous hair cut was still maiming my skull. My
ends were split more than a few inches, it was dry and stuck together,
coarse like a mane. These were not the silken strands I so hoped my
head would house.Louise Marie taught me how to use the products
correctly, explaining as she demonstrated, letting me feel the
differences occurring immediately. We discussed what I was looking for,
and then she sat me in her big antique barber’s chair overlooking Yonge
Street and worked away. Her skill is such that she only uses scissors.
No funny appliances, no chatting up this or that technique. True
artists don’t have to market to their clients, their work speaks for itself.I hadn’t had bangs since I was four years old. I was so nervous! I
walked out of their with a new love for my hair, it was shining, light,
more like it used to be when I was younger. All thanks to Ms Longhairs,
her magic scissors and elixers!When I got home I used the shampoo and deep conditioner
I had purchased every day. The next week I went back for a check up
with Louise Marie. It was much better, but not as good as that first
day. She took the time to go over with me exactly how I was using it,
and explained what I may be doing incorrectly, and what I should do to
improve it (demonstration included!).I picked up a natural bristle (Baby Kinder)brush and a Flexipick
for the conditioner, some clarifying spray for skin and hair and some
scalp oil. I was excited to go home to try my new products and
techniques.It is amazing what a small change in technique can
bring (Major change for the best!). My hair has never been so shiny,
luminous, manageable, tangle free, and most importantly, pettable!The #27 Chillout clarifying spray works wonders for blemishes and ingrown hairs, the Flexipick is amazing for snags and distributing conditioner in the shower, the brush makes your hair extra soft!, and the scalp oil is refreshing as well as a good excuse to get (or give!) a scalp massage.My parents were coming into town and our dog desperately needed a bath.
We had no pet shampoo. He has very sensitive skin, it is always flaking
and itchy, with lots and lots of dander and hair that sticks in his
coat.I thought, if it works for me, why be so selfish? Why
shouldn’t extended family benefit as well, animals are deserving of the
joy of fabulous hair too! So I imparted the gift of the Longhairs
shampoo and conditioner to our furry friend. I tell you, he has never
been so clean! He gets compliments on his coat every time we go out.
His skin is clear with no more flakes, a problem he has had for years!
His fur doesn’t mat, and this is only after one bath! It has been a few
weeks now and still his coat is magnificent.Once you have tried, you will never go back! Longhairs clients are for life!

Every product is amazing. Louise Marie graces with samples and stories. I can’t wait to try them all and neither should you!Thank you Louise Marie Longhairs, from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my ends!!!-


March 20, 2017

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