Looked LONGER when I left!

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I came in for my first appointment at Longhairs Non-Salon and didn’t know exactly what to expect.
Well, I’m soooo glad I came!
After working on my hair for nearly 1.5 hours, guess what? It looked longer and better than it EVER has, in my whole life.
New people should just trust her. Trust her because she means so well, she pays intense attention to detail, she really takes her time, she lovingly cuts trims re-aligns the hair like promised. I’ve never seen anyone do anything like she does, before. I am SO pleased! My hair moves sexy, it wraps around me when I turn, doesn’t tangle or look stringy dull split or frizzy anymore.
Worth every penny too.
Needless to say I left with some special vitamin spray, and a bigger Barebones 16oz beginners kit because I never want to run out.
I’m a new woman!
Just trust her since she is positive, genuine and a true gem to work with.
I see already that my hair is growing in better and faster. Like magic! Imagine that on top of somehow it looked LONGER when I left? Can’t beat this!

March 21, 2017

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