Longhairs on short-short hairs…

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I should update you on my man’s hair. He’s been doing 18 scrubs every morning like you suggested and he uses whatever shampoo I use for his hair/body. He uses #9 alot too (I think it’s the smell). Anyways, he keeps showing everybody the new little hairs on his balding head. Even my mom said his hair looked thicker. She asked him if he was using [over-the-counter hair growth product]. We told her that he was using my stuff, which she’s seen before. His head and forhead match now – it used to be that his forhead had dry, flaky skin on it and his scalp had a waxy shine. Now it’s much more consistant and the skin has a warm, shimmery glow to it. His head is really soft too 🙂 He says that he wants to help me pay for my Longhairs products. I must admit I feel like giggling a bit when I think of my balding boyfriend using products called Longhairs.


March 19, 2017

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