Long-ing .(4) For A Visit With Louise Marie Longhairs Reply

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“I really have to agree with this. I have been using LML’s products for almost a year now, and the personal service I receive is outstanding. I LOVE when she calls me personally to see how I am doing, if I have any questions, or problems. She truly wants to help every way she can. I can also understand how LM is reluctant to offer just any single product to the general public. How could they know how to use it properly? What if they mixed it with commercial products and didn’t get a good result? They would of course blame that on the LML product – but as we Longhairs all know, hers is a system to be followed exclusively, and patiently, for the superior results it delivers.

At first, even I was doubtful about purchasing an entire line at one time. When I did, I was not getting ‘great’ results at first, and was rather irritated about forking over all the $$. But LM kept me hopeful, stayed in great contact with me, and after several months, the results have been fabulous! I am hooked forever. And I am also very much looking forward to visiting LM soon for a complete evaluation and a “non-salon” experience.

Those “outsiders” will never know how good it can be until they all make the leap and become LML members and clients. As I do wish LM all the success in the world from her hair care knowlege, and wholistic and naturopathic practices, I secretly hope that she stays small enough that we can keep her to ourselves – so that she doesn’t get spread too thin! 😉

Well, I guess that is not such a secret anymore, now is it??”

( from USA)

March 20, 2017

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