Long-ing (2) for a Visit With Louise Marie Longhairs Reply

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Just got back from my trip to Toronto! It was a wonderful experience finally meeting Louise Marie Longhairs after working with her for over a year on the phone and via email.

The day of my appointment, I received a beautiful fruit basket at my hotel room from Louise Marie Longhairs. Later, I walked the 2 blocks to her place. The assistant was there to meet me, and took all my bottles (I use the big 16 oz sizes, so he had his work cut out for him) for refilling. What a great deal that is. It saves me a lot of money, since I don’t have to pay international shipping costs. I met the feline residents. At certain times during the appointment, they would jump up to sit in my lap! The studio (can’t call it a salon) is painted all lilac – my FAVORITE color. As a matter of fact, I just painted my bedroom the exact SAME color. That told me that LM and I were going to have much in common.

Louise Marie came in a few minutes later, and she was not at all what I expected her to look like….I think I was expecting a lot of flamboyance since talking to her on the phone – her voice gave me that impression. But she looks just normal – she’s really petite, and that great voice is what makes up for her size! Her hair is REALLY shiny.

She took me right to the chair, which overlooks Yonge Street, and started evaluating my hair and scalp. I am glad I had been doing the scalp treatments properly – she only found one spot that I need to improve on. Then she did a scalp treatment, and washed (#20), and HoneyBee-d, and conditioned (#9). Then it was time for the trim. I have not had a trim on about 13 months, and the last time I did eas the time I swore off traditional salons after the “stylist” ripped out a good sized chunk of my hair while brushing it. But I digress. Louise Marie probably spent hours nipping here and there, letting my hair dry in between to see how it would lay, then wetting it and snipping again. I never was nervous at all, I trusted her completely. I knew she was going to have to take a couple inches off, since I had some old foil highlights that had grown out, and were a tangly mess most of the time. I have VERY curly hair, and it is really fine, so tangles were a big concern of mine. Well, not anymore! Now my hair has a WONDERFUL shape to it, the curls are springy without tangling onto each other, and it detangles in the shower so much easier – it cuts about 5 minutes off my shower time!

Then she put some color on my hair, to sort of hide grey, and give it some brilliance. I really like it SOOOO much. It is very natural looking. Then we spent some time and she showed me how to do updos with her pike clips, and I bought 2 of each size. I was having trouble with updos, and now I have a lot of ideas. So I left with about a 50-lb shopping bag of refilled (and some new) product, and a great updo. (It was raining out).

I was there hours, just Louise Marie and me. You certainly cannot go to a salon and get that kind of service. I was really impressed with her intelligence, not of just hair, but of all sorts of worldly matters. She is a multicultural person in all aspects.

But overall, the lady knows how to give a great haircut! Curly hair is the HARDEST to cut and shape, and her skills are by far the best.

I’ll bet Louise Marie will want to comment to you on our visit as well…I will recommend to all of you members that it is worth the $$ to try to see her at least once a year. I know I am already planning in my mind next years trip!

(curly and from the USA)

March 20, 2017

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