LMLonghairs you are brilliant, let me tell you

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Good Morning LMLonghairs,

A quick shout out to you this morning LMLonghairs you are brilliant, let me tell you.

I just finished my shower routine Scritched, first oiled my scalp then shampooed and rinsed 5 times then conditioned and Flexipicked with conditioner. Toweled dried lightly. Here’s the incredible thing, no hair fall in the shower/tub! 5 min combout with a tiny bit of hair in the comb!!! no tangles, knots, or snarls. amazing!

My hair is so moisturized it feels amazing! No other product is in my hair, leave-in, oils etc. My hair/scalp and I thank-you
for such amazing products. I am out the door now
taking this happy feeling with me.

Have a delightful Longhairs day!!!

Patricia A USA

September 16, 2017

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