Learn from MY mistakes…

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What I did Wrong:
Recently I went to Louise Marie for hi-lites and colour and found out that the reason my hair was feeling a little “rubbery” was because I wasn’t using her products properly.
They say it takes 15 repetitions for someone to really absorb some information. I must be getting up there — maybe if you read this, you will save yourself some trouble by not second-guessing Louise Marie’s instructions. I had a tendency to do it my own way….at my hair’s expense. And my wallet — here’s why….

Mistake number one::
I was using way too much shampoo and too few latherings. (I see there’s no such word) Ideally you should use tiny amounts of shampoo on each lathering, and lather up to 4 – 5 times. My using about a tablespoon of shampoo each time and only doing 2 – 3 latherings was actually using more shampoo and it was really not doing what it’s supposed to the way it was made to do it. Instead of three tablespoons of shampoo, I really needed only about one and a half tablespoon or less, divided into 4-5 latherings.

Mistake number two:::
You’re supposed to massage the conditioners in, all the way, right to the scalp. It helps get the shampoo out — (so…Mistake number three was not getting the shampoo fully out ! ). I had supposed that the roots didn’t really need conditioning so I was only conditioning the ends, not massaging down to the roots and scalp. The result….not so good — this mistake really affects the texture and shine.
Mistake number four: Louise Marie calls it “squeegee-ing” — I was squeezing the conditioner and water out, same effect as wringing it out, only maybe not quite so brutal. You’re supposed to ‘Flexicomb’ until you run into resistance – ie tangles; By then if there’s any soap left in your hair, you will see a little foam on your ‘Flexicomb’ — rinse it(the foam on the Flexi or/and on that section of hair) off and keep going, rinsing the comb as needed — this adds more water and kind of “plumps up” the conditioner(removes the spent stuff) — your hair should feel great when you’re done.
Mistake number five is something Louise Marie didn’t mention to me, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t using hot enough water for rinsing either. She uses water as hot as you can stand it to melt oils into hair and scalp.(Especially with the conditioners)
My hair is gradually rebalancing and feeling better each day now that I’m doing it right. The shine is back.
Moral of the story — all those elaborate instructions about how to use the shampoos and conditioners are there for a reason — You want nice hair, follow them!


March 21, 2017

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