it was the last chance I was giving my long hair…Hi again!

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When I saw Louise Marie for the first time a week ago today, it was the last chance I was giving my long hair.

I’ve had long to very long hair since I was young but the last few years had been trying my patience. It felt sticky, heavy, was continually tangled and thoroughly frustrating.

I tried everything: different washing techniques, various brushes and brushing styles, washing in the morning/at night/frequently/in frequently, every type of hair product, avocadoes, olive oil, beer, vinegar, honey, talc. Nothing helped.

I saw Louise Marie and noticed a difference right away. After the first time I washed my hair with her products, I was convinced. For the past week, I have received compliments about my hair on a daily basis. Now I have beautiful, fun hair! Thank you very, very much.


Hi again!

I spoke to you about a week and a half ago about the shampoo/conditioner not rinsing out very easily. The zigzag rinsing helps a lot. I’ve also found that putting extra shampoo directly into the centre (about 5 or so inches from the bottom) and then squishing it throughout helps, too.



From out east.

March 20, 2017

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