If you have any doubts meet Louise Marie, she looks 27-29!

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I just love my “Smoothing Face Cream LMLonghairs® Herbal & Homeopathic” This is the best face cream I’ve ever used!Move over Dior, Shiseido etc. Ladies AND gentleman – rubbing collagen (CoQ10), retinol into your skin won’t help, one of the reasons being that they won’t be absorbed through the skin. However the smoothing face cream is easily absorbed into wet skin, it leaves my skin glowing and smooth.The body tries to conserve water, and water is the most abundant molecule in the human body with collagen coming second. So using this cream onto wet skin will facilitate rapid and more efficient absorption of the formulation into the skin, unlike other creams which just sit on the surface of your skin, pretending to work. This cream is literally a drink for your skin.If you have any doubts meet Louise Marie, she looks 27-29!!!

Thank you Louise Marie
Dr J.Kaur

March 21, 2017

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