I would not use any other products in my hair…

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Well it’s now been approx. 3 months since I started with my Louise Marie’s products, and let me tell you, I would not use any other products in my hair, anything else would just not do it for my very finicky (wavy-to-curly-coloured-medium-textured)hair.

After 3 months of use I have settled in with a regular routine, and I no longer have to think beforehand what the next step is.

Here is my downpack routine: Evening – I use protein #10-B sometimes #10-A, as a pre-treat, dampen my hair a little with my hand then apply protein and put my hair in a bun, this really helps to comb out tangles in the morning. As well some nights I will spray on Chill out on my Scalp.

Morning: with #18 SOS massage oil, I take at least 5 mins sometimes more, (on Weekends) to massage my scalp, usually after I spray on #27 Chillout, I leave this combination on for 5 – 10 mins, then I jump in the shower.

I always switch shampoos every three days, for 4 days I condition with protein A, comb out, rinse. After I retreat with Protein #10-B, never #10-A, Protein #10-B, is the lighter of the two proteins, so it won’t leave you hair greasy.

I always touch up my tips with #13 Blisstips, and moving upwards to the more dry prone mid area. for 3-4 days I use #9 Trees as my conditioner and as usual I still retreat with protein #10-B and follow up with #13 Bliss. That is pretty much my regular routine.

Once in a while I miss taking a shower as I am in a rush or just wanted to sleep an extra 15 mins that morning, on those days, I just dampen from the middle to the ends of my hair and apply protein B & Blisstips and leave. Sometimes I also use LML #11 Magic leave in condition and just spray it on dry hair.

I should mention however that the night before I don’t pre-treat if I feel tired, and think that the next morning I will just treat my hair and run.

This is my whole routine in a nutshell, I always have time even on the run to use Louise Marie Longhairs products.

It’s an on-going process that I don’t mind doing as I keep picturing the resulting long, silky hair.

(wavy-to-curly-coloured-medium-textured in USA)

March 20, 2017

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