I was one of those serum junkies.

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I just love my “#13-A Blisstips Ends & Deep Oil Treatment by Longhairs®”… and here’s why: Many years ago I was one of those “serum” junkies, my hair was addicted to the stuff.Using the LML system has left my hair healthy.Using the Blisstips Ends and Deep Oil treatment lightly on dry hair protects it from the humidity–even out on the lake on a humid day on a sailboat! Great shine for a dockside dinner later that night with no fuss other than combing out my hair.Carol from NY
Your Smoothing Face Cream stood up to an extreme stress test.
I just thought I’d let you know how your Smoothing Face Cream stood up to an extreme stress test. The other night I cried for two hours then fell asleep, probably dehydrated and without having done my evening face routine. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep and woke up bleary-eyed to my alarm at the crack of dawn.Despite all this abuse, the skin around my eyes was still comfortable and pleasantly soft to the touch. I could have comfortably applied eye make-up as is, without the need for any further moisturizer (and as an added bonus, a bit of Chillout applied to around my eyes with my finger quickly eliminated nearly all the redness).

Jenn F


March 21, 2017

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